About The Rusted Recipe Box Project

Welcome to the Rusted Recipe Box Project!
The goal of this project is to share some of the recipes that have been staples in the Zimmerman Farm kitchen over the last 75 years. Recipes collected from the 1940's until the late 1970's.  338 of them, to be exact.

A little about my Grandma Zimmerman-the source of the recipes-....
She was a wife, mother to 3 children, grandmother to 7, farmer, saleswoman, and an outstanding cook and baker. She was feisty, opinionated and resilient. Grandma Zimmerman died nearly 20 years ago and since then I've had two rusted recipe boxes with hundreds of my grandma's handwritten recipes inside sitting in my old bedroom at my parents' house.

A little about myself... 
I'm a wife, mother to 2 boys, farmer, saleswoman and I can be a little feisty, opinionated and resilient myself at times. And I love to cook and bake. I'm noticing some similarities here...
I got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my 16th birthday(is this weird?!) and I started a successful specialty baking business when I was 18. I've been in the kitchen a lot over the years and I love it. I also love old stuff...quilts, books, furniture, kitchenware, you name it. Some may call it junk, and truthfully a lot of it is, but I consider it treasure.
So, hundreds of old recipes are the perfect marriage of cooking and vintage.

Anywho, I've held onto these recipes for almost 20 years and I've always wanted to create something special with them. Maybe a website, or organize them into a cookbook(which is my ultimate goal with this project) or some other unique venture. 
This idea has been rolling around in the cobb webby area of my brain for a long time. 

You know. 

The part where synapses used to fire regularly and creativity was alive and well. 

The part that worked before I had children. 
Well, today's the day my friend! I hope you enjoy the recipes and the commentary. Most of all I hope you try some of them in your own kitchen. 
Preparing a meal for family and friends is love.
So let's get cooking and share the love. 
Blessings, from my kitchen to yours!

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